V.E.L Edgar's (aka Katrinia17/EveryDayWriting) portfolio includes lyrics, poetry, short stories, flash fiction, YA fiction, Chidren's pieces, non-fiction, magazine articles, news articles, 2 movie screenplays and 4 novels. She loves writing "simple" poetry, songs for children and working on the strange and unusual. She also enjoys working with others by writing, reading and reviewing their work. Her work and advice can be found at the following sites: Moontown Café, Absolute Writer Water Cooler, Next Big Writer, Helium,, Fanstory, My Writers Circle,The Muse It Up Club, Writers Cafe, NaNo, Script Frenzy and LibraryThing (and many others).

National Novel Writing Month Winner: 07, 08, 09,10
Script Frenzy Winner: 08, 09
February Album Writing Month Winner: 10
Multiple awards covering the areas of short stories, poetry, children's work and lyrics from Writers Digest Top online community for writers site,
Several awards for pieces in the area of poetry, lyrics, short stories, reviewing and children's works from fellow members of the writing community.

Several musical collaborations with artist such as Roel van Veldt and Winlock Toledo.

Personal information
Resides with her husband and 4 children in Washington state. As a youngster her writing was focused mainly on poetry, short stories and YA fiction. Is 31 year's old.
Personal interests
Enjoys art, photograph, teaching, reading and writing. Fan of Yoda, Rocky, Dragon Ball Z and Stephen King quotes. Love to read and can be found on under Katrinia17. Has a love for all types of music. Can't get enough of b-movies and horror movies.